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Enjoy the wonderful coves of the south

By renting your boat with us, you can also visit the famous and beautiful coves of the south such as Cala Galdana, Cala Turqueta, Cala Macarella, Cala Macarelleta, Cala des Talaier and Son Saura if you travel towards Ciutadella.

If we decide to sail in opposite direction towards Mahón we have Cala Mitjana, Mitjaneta, Cala Trebaluger, Cala Fustam and Cala Escorxada.

Coves of the north. Different and spectacular at the same time

If you decide to rent your boat in the north of the island, you can enjoy virgin coves with less crowds, spectacular for snorkeling.

Booking at Minorboats is as easy as...

Choose a day to rent your boat without qualification

First of all, from the page of each boat you can choose the best day for your holiday in Menorca and visit Cala Galdana.

Choose morning, afternoon or full day.

We have three schedule options for boat rental without certification. Full day, half a day tomorrow and a half day late. Therefore you can select the range of schedules that most interest you.

Fill the form

Due to the selection of dates you made to rent the boat without qualification, you just have to fill in the form available on the page of each boat and pay 50% in advance.

A unique experience in the best coves of Menorca

In conclusion, with your boat you can explore the best coves of Menorca and enjoy the most of exceptional natural paradises such as Cala Galdana.

How to book in Minorboats

Do you want to know how to book your boat in Menorca?, fisrt of all you should visit “how to book” page so you will see there the steps to follow quickly, easily and simply.

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