To enjoy our boats safely, the following terms must be taken into account:

It is completely forbidden to throw into the water any kind of garbage, organic or inorganic.
Access the beaches within the line of buoys and beach in the sand.
Anchor in access channels or tie up buoys.
Access the interior of the caves.
Anchor over posidonia or another bottom that is not sand.
It is forbidden to drive the boat under the influence of alcohol.
Exercise caution when starting the engine. Never light it with bathers nearby.
Never drag another person by rope with the engine started.
Respect the marked navigation limits.
Ensure the correct anchoring and that the engine is off before jumping into the water.
Have one or two mobile phones fully operational.

We have an emergency boat, in case it is necessary to use it, due to the user’s negligence, the departure will be at the client’s expense.

Any questions you have about security you can ask us from the contact page.